RAL - Raad voor Aard- en Levenswetenschappen (RAL)

The Council for Earth and Life Sciences promotes research into the earth and climate sciences, biological sciences, and agricultural sciences.

The Council does this by issuing solicited and unsolicited advice on all aspects of the practice of science within this field of activity.

The Council’s advice is intended in particular for government policy-makers, scientific institutions (including intermediary organisations) and scientists.
Where possible, the Council will assist in disseminating the results of research to a broader public.

The Council has established a committee to advise on specific subjects:

  • The Netherlands SCOR Committee represents the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) and its researchers in the Netherlands. It promotes oceanographic research and international collaboration.

Board and members

The Council has a maximum of 24 members, who are appointed in a private capacity.

Board and members