Fryske Akademy (FA)

The Fryske Akademy (FA-KNAW) is a multidisciplinary institute for the study of Friesland. The institute conducts comparative research on changes in the Frisian language, multilingualism, history, and past and present regional identity.

The Fryske Akademy carries out basic and innovative research (including contract research) of direct relevance to society. Its mission is to function as a ‘Laboratory for Friesland’. In that capacity, it performs innovative research and develops pertinent research instruments showcasing Friesland in the regional, national and international arena.

What international experts have to say about the Fryske Academy

In 2015, a committee of experts judged the Fryske Academy to be ‘good’. Some of its activities were considered ‘excellent’, for example its Historical and Geographical Information System (HISGIS) project, its history projects, and a number of its linguistics projects, such as the dictionaries project. A link to the Academy's position on the evaluation of the Fryske Akademy (pdf) can be found on the right-hand side of this page.


Visiting address

Doelestraat 8
8911 DX Leeuwarden

Postal address

Postbus 54
8900 AB Leeuwarden
Phone: 058 213 1414

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