Arjen van Witteloostuijn

Titels Prof. dr.
Initials A.
Main position Hoogleraar TiU
Disciplines Personnel administration and management
  Economics and Business Administration
  Political and administrative sciences
Chair Economie en Management
Domain Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences and Law
Membership Member
Since 2015
Chair of Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences and Law
Member of Big Data Committee
Employed by Tilburg University
School of Economics and Management, Department Economics
Postbus 90153
5000 LE Tilburg
tel.  013 466 3248
Personal website

Arjen van Witteloostuijn (born in 1960) is a multitalented and highly productive researcher who is also active in political debate. The question that runs through all his work is why some institutions (in the broad sense of the word) are successful while others are not. Van Witteloostuijn’s interdisciplinary approach is unique; he combines insights from general economics, business economics, business science, and the social sciences in innovative studies that examine the behaviour and structure of organisations.