Career development support

Academy staff can turn to the Career & Development team for:

  • Advice on training
  • Finding a mentor
  • Intervision
  • Coaching
  • Information on traineeships, job shadowing or secondment
  • Information and help with personal and career development
  • Career advice at every stage of your career
  • Job-to-job guidance
  • Internal jobs database

For more information about training or to register for a workshop or course, contact Henry Duindam ( , +31 20 551 0856) or Nahymja Nijhuis ( of +31 20 551 0758). If you would like to explore the options first, check out the Academy’s workshops and training courses.

Because Career & Development manages the Academy’s jobs database, it also plays an important role in helping you find another position if your job is under threat. Employees at risk of redundancy are obliged to sign up with Career & Development, but you are welcome to register even if your job is safe. Career & Development will consider you an ordinary internal candidate in that case and notify you personally of any relevant job openings.