External training courses


Would you like to get serious about Excel and learn how to use the spreadsheet programme more effectively and efficiently? Then we can help with a practical Excel course.

Focused and Productive Working from Home

In this training course, you will learn what it takes to work more efficiently by applying focus management and behavioural change techniques.

Negotiating – Everyday Negotiations

In the training course Everyday Negotiations, we look at how to negotiate everyday matters effectively and seal the deal successfully.

Professional Advice

The course Professional Advice is designed for professionals who are regularly called upon to advise internal and external clients.

Remote Management

This online training course focuses on your personal learning requirements.

Writing a scientific article

After taking our Writing a Scientific Article workshop, you will be able to write an article yourself with no difficulty at all.

Writing Policy with Impact

How do you make sure that your ideas and recommendations are put into practice? You’ll learn how in the course Writing Policy with Impact.