Thursday November 4

‘Career options’ walk-in consultation hour

11.30 - 12.30
Morris Beks, Nahymja Nijhuis, Centre for Career and Development, Academy

Are you familiar with your career options and would you like a personal interview to discuss your professional future? During the walk-in consultation hours organised by the Centre for Career and Development, you can have your LinkedIn profile and your CV checked, participate in a speed-coaching session, ask questions about the courses that the Academy offers, and find out how the Academy will support you when your contract ends and you enter a work-to-work process.

Lecture: ‘Behind the scenes, how to get a grant? the example of the EU Odeuropa project’ & the ‘Health Holland Alzheimer Disease project’

13.00 - 14.00
Evgenia Salta (NIN),
and Arno Bosse (Humanities Cluster, KNAW),

During this lecture, two KNAW-researchers will share their insights, tips and tricks on how to get a grant. They will do so by highlighting two recently obtained grants: An EU Horizon 2020 grant in the field of social sciences and Humanities (Arno Bosse) and a Health Holland grant in the field of Life Sciences. Be inspired by researchers on how they have handled the grant application process.

Workshop: Grant Writing Part I

14.15 - 17.00
Louise Mennen, Mennen Training and Consultancy

Wondering how to turn a research idea into a convincing proposal? This introductory workshop for early-career researchers may be exactly what you need. You will learn how to strike the right balance between the peer and non-peer readers of your proposal. You will learn how to structure your text, present your proposal from an improved ‘sales’ perspective, and write clear and concise, reader-friendly, persuasive texts. You will also learn which criteria are important for a grant proposal and what referees are looking for.

This interactive workshop consists of an afternoon session followed by a morning session.

Workshop: Getting ready for your VENI proposal, Part II

14.15 - 17.00
Erik Prins, Erik Prins Consultancy

In this workshop, we will explore the elements of preparing a successful VENI proposal. You will learn how to position your project idea, present yourself in the proposal and connect your CV to the project idea. Participants are expected to be well aware of the VENI evaluation process and criteria and to be familiar with the NWO proposal format.

This workshop consists of two afternoon sessions.

Workshop: Horizon Europe: How to prepare for a Horizon Europe Grant?

14.15 – 17.00
Saske Hoving and Tonnie Rijkers, RVO

How to prepare for a Horizon Europe grant? During this workshop, you will learn everything on the structure, policy and background of the Horizon Europe program. But also, how you can develop your idea to a Horizon Europe proposal. This workshop includes training on how to read a call text and how to find relevant stakeholders.