Wednesday November 3

'Knowledge Transfer' walk-in consultation hour

11.30 - 12.30
Niek Dubelaar, Knowledge Transfer Office, Academy

Are you curious how you can increase the impact of your research and would you like a personal interview to discuss your options? During the walk-in consultation hour organised by the Knowledge Transfer Office, you can explore the different routes towards impact, and find out how the Academy can support you in this process.

Lecture: Knowledge Transfer– 21st Century Dilemma’s

13.00 - 14.00
Ivo de Nooijer

What are the main challenges in knowledge transfer, but also how to do it? How do we understand the needs of knowledge users? In a period where funding organisations put more focus on impact of research it is time to reflect on the expectations there are for you as a researcher and the dilemmas you encounter. During this inspiring lecture, given by Ivo De Nooijer, an expert in public private collaboration, knowledge transfer and business development, you will be prompted to look at knowledge transfer from other perspectives.

Workshop: Getting Ready: EU Project Management

14.15 - 17.00
Roy Pennings, 3D Impact

Whether you have just embarked on your career development path as a scientist or are already an experienced researcher, at some point you will have to face the reality of managing research projects. These may be single-applicant projects as well as projects comprised of multiple partners, possibly multiple countries and different funding streams

 At the same time, project management is not something most researchers specifically train for.

The question therefore is: what do researchers really need to know about project management that will help them lead a project without turning into administrators? This workshop highlights key project management skills and approaches in pre-award and post-award that will help you remain in control. The knowledge that you gain will be applicable not only to EU research grants but to any future project, whether you work as a coordinator or a constructive partner.

Workshop: NWO Knowledge Utilisation Instruments: Exploring the commercial or societal potential of your research

14.15 - 17.00
Mario van der Linden, NWO

Do you want to involve companies in the further development of scientific knowledge NWO offers different Knowledge Utilisation instruments to explore the commercial or societal potential of your research. Examples are the NWO Demonstrator and Take-Off Grants. During this workshop, you will learn more about the specific funding conditions and how to build a successful proposal. The specific focus of this workshop will be on how an application for such an instrument is different from a research proposal.

After following the workshop, you are more familiar with the specific funding conditions and the application process of the Knowledge Utilisation instruments. Next to that, you know what is needed to write a successful proposal and how to avoid the typical pitfalls.

Workshop: Getting ready for your VENI proposal, Part I

14.15 - 17.00
Erik Prins, Erik Prins Consultancy

In this workshop, we will explore the elements of preparing a successful VENI proposal. You will learn how to position your project idea, present yourself in the proposal and connect your CV to the project idea. Participants are expected to be well aware of the VENI evaluation process and criteria and to be familiar with the NWO proposal format.

This workshop consists of two afternoon sessions.