Online learning

The Academy has entered into an alliance with GoodHabitz, an online learning platform, for its employees. This means that Academy employees can log in to the Academy’s account with a code that they receive from the Academy Career Centre. GoodHabitz has more than 115 different modules that you can enrol in free of charge. You can log in whenever and wherever you like and there is no limit on the number of modules that you can take.

Feel free to have a look around the online platform and try out different modules – it’s a low-threshold way of exploring your personal learning needs. You needn’t complete every module you start; you’ll earn a GoodHabitz certificate if you finish 70% of a module.

The modules are practical in nature and offer you a good way of acquainting yourself with a particular subject. If you’d like to learn more about a topic after taking an online module, you can sign up for an in-company training course. Another option is to use the results of the online module as guidance for a coaching programme.