Talking about your career


Internal guidance 

Personnel adviser 

The personnel adviser at the Academy Bureau or your institute can help you identify your development needs and what you can do to meet them. Your adviser can also give you more information about the activities organised by the Centre for Career & Development. 

Career & development 

The staff of the Centre for Career & Development are there to answer questions about your career or personal development or to tell you more about the various related activities. They know all about sustainable career development and can help you get started. 


During their annual review, the employee and the supervisor look at what the employee has achieved and make agreements about the employee’s performance going forward in their current position. The annual review also gives them an opportunity to discuss the employee’s long-term career development. Questions that can be considered include: what new methods, tools or responsibilities do employees need to deliver quality, to feel challenged, to acquire new knowledge, to learn new skills, and to shape their own careers?

External guidance

If you’d rather talk to someone outside the organisation, then you can apply to enrol in a personal or career coaching programme with an external training provider or coach. An external adviser or coach can help you identify your long-term career or development needs. Because this may be a lengthy process and entail certain costs that the Academy covers, be sure to discuss your request with your supervisor first. You can then submit a separate application to the Centre for Career & Development. 


Personalised approach to voluntary mobility

The Academy wants to encourage voluntary job mobility. We do that by offering personalised programmes where possible. Employees are in charge of their own careers and trying something new can help them explore new opportunities or build their knowledge. 

What are the options? 

  • Job sharing: Tag along with a co-worker for a day.
  • Secondment: Spend a few months working in another position within the Academy or at another organisation.
  • Voluntary mobility: Change jobs permanently.