ABP information meeting: All about your pension!

During this meeting, you’ll find out what you need to consider when arranging your pension. Society is changing and your pension is changing with it. The age at which you are eligible to collect Dutch state and ABP pension benefits has increased, and since 2014 pension accrual under the ABP Pension Fund has been reduced. All these changes make it even more important for everyone to make the right pension choices.

Target group

All Academy staff who want to ensure themselves of a good pension and want to learn more about their pension


This meeting will answer the following questions:

  • What are the consequences of taking early retirement or retiring later?
  • What is a conditional pension and what should I watch out for?
  • How much does a survivor’s pension pay out? Can I convert a survivor’s pension into a higher pension for myself, or vice versa?
  • Can I supplement my pension myself?
  • I’d like to do my own calculations. How does MijnABP work?

Practical information

  • Duration: One meeting of 90 minutes
  • Date: Training has not been scheduled yet. If you would like to enrol in this course, please contact clo@knaw.nl 
  • Location: to be announced
  • Language: Dutch
  • Group size: Minimum of 15 people

If you would like to enrol in this course, please complete the general application form.


The Local Consultations Committee (employer and union representatives) considers it well worthwhile to spend part of the employee benefits budget on sustainable career development. Training, courses and coaching meant to support sustainable career development are therefore funded from this budget.