Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet programme in the world. You have undoubtedly heard of it and you may even have worked with it yourself. Would you like to get serious about Excel and learn how to use the spreadsheet programme more effectively and efficiently? Then we can help with a practical Excel course. We offer Excel courses for beginners, advanced users and genuine experts.

Are you interested in one of these courses? Then submit an official request to the CLO on Workforce.

Before you enrol in an activity, discuss your specific learning aim or aims with your supervisor. By talking things over, you can decide which activity is most appropriate for you and ask your supervisor to approve your choice.

Make sure you submit your request as soon as possible so that you have time to wait for our approval and to sign up for your chosen activity.

Don’t pay for the activity yourself in advance! CLO will contact the relevant party regarding invoicing. If you are obliged to fill in invoicing details, specify that the invoice must be sent by e‑mail to facturen.financien@knaw.nl and the reference ‘cost centre 3950’ must be shown on the invoice.

For more information about the various levels, course dates and registration, see the CompuTrain website.