Remote Management

Many of your team members work from home and you manage them remotely. That can be challenging and requires tools that will help your team move forward. How do you ensure that your team stays motivated? Which team members require what sort of guidance? How do you capitalise on your employees’ strengths and how do you deal with difficult situations? This online training course focuses on your personal learning requirements.

The trainer will give you the tools you need to manage your remote team members effectively and with trust. You will also share lessons learned with other managers.

Unique advantages

  • Geared to your current situation
  • ‘Bring your own problem’ approach
  • Online peer and group learning


  • You will build team confidence and stability
  • You will guide your employees through uncertainties and changes
  • You will motivate your employees remotely
  • You will have a flexible leadership style that is attuned to the situation and the employee
  • You will create scope in your team for initiatives and creativity
  • You will stay the course despite changing circumstances

Target group

Your team works from home and you manage it remotely. You are inexperienced in remote management and want to learn how best to handle the challenges that you face.


Session 1:
You are a manger in a period of crisis
Time management
The importance of trust and letting go

Session 2:
‘Bring your own problem’ approach
How do you get employees to embrace change?
Helping your team get a grip on uncertainties

Session 3:
Remote situational management
Leading, guiding, supporting and delegating
How do you motivate people and give them what they need?

Session 4:
How do you keep your team connected and on track?
Scope for initiatives and creativity
From crisis management to future-proofing

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