Writing Policy with Impact

The purpose of policy is to get something done: to solve a problem or to turn an idea into reality. But why is it that some policies never really get off the ground? How do you make sure that your ideas and recommendations are put into practice? You’ll learn how in the course Writing Policy with Impact.

Learn to write texts that will help make your policy a success, wherever you are in the policy-making process. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to compose a text that supports your policy information or policy proposal, one that will inform and even persuade critical readers. In short: you’ll learn to write a policy text with impact.


  • From policy context to policy text
  • Sell your policy by learning how to write policy with impact
  • Writing policy based on your main message
  • Customisation
  • Writing policy with impact, optional modules
  • Work on your own policy text

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