Maintaining great relationships in your PhD project

If you want to maintain great relationships with your colleagues, team mates, supervisors and project partners, this course is right for you! The skills to communicate in a clear and friendly way, address problems and deal with friction, disagreements and conflict are crucial. After all, you want to work effectively with the people around you to make sufficient progress in your PhD project while you have a pleasant working environment!­­­­

Target group

All PhD students of the KNAW


We practice such skills with a professional training actor (who was also a scientist, like you). You can suggest situations yourself, and we supply you with tools and models to analyse and handle such them. Based on your individual wishes and suggestions we create cases that fit your context and wishes. How can I say no? What are they expecting from me? What if I disagree with my colleagues or supervisors? How do I handle the pressure people put on me? What do I do when someone hurts me or oversteps my boundaries? How can I address suggestions for better cooperation? This fun and active course is a great way become a master communicator! 

To help you to build and maintain great relationships we address:

  • how to express and exchange expectations;
  • how to give and receive feedback;
  • how to deal with resistance and friction;
  • how to negotiate constructively while keeping everybody happy. 

If you are a foreign PhD student, cultural differences may also play a role in the communication in your work environment. 

The programme itself will be tailor-made based on the intake interviews of the participants.

If you are interested in this training, send an email to and ask for information.


You are welcome to register for this course.

The Local Consultations Committee (employer and union representatives) considers it well worthwhile to spend part of the employee benefits budget on sustainable career development. Training, courses and coaching meant to support sustainable career development are therefore funded from this budget.