Planning and managing your PhD project

Innovative research work requires structure and planning – but in a way that delivers results and also fits in with actual practice. Here’s an opportunity to get to know the principles of effective project management and how you can apply them in your PhD project. When you’ve taken the training course, you’ll have a definite plan for your research and a clear understanding of what’s needed to implement it. That’ll give you self-confidence, a clear overview, and peace of mind.

Target group

This training course is aimed at PhD candidates in all academic disciplines. It will be an advantage if you already have a research proposal and also a few months experience as a PhD student.


The course starts with an online module in which you familiarise yourself with the most important principles and concepts in project management. You’ll reflect on the quality requirements that your dissertation needs to meet and on your development as a researcher. You’ll also draw up your own research plan. You and the other participants will explore the various issues during an interactive training day. The programme will be rounded off with three intervision sessions, aimed not only at seeing whether and how what you’ve learned actually sticks but also at encouraging you to keep monitoring yourself and at providing a secure (but still “neutral”) environment in which you can address problems and successes within your project.

  • quality requirements for your PhD programme
  • milestones, phasing, risks
  • drawing up a research plan and schedule and monitoring your progress
  • project adjustments: communication with supervisors and the outside world, giving and receiving feedback
  • ownership
  • the “plan-do-check-act” cycle
  • time management, determining priorities
  • taking care of yourself and standing up for yourself
  • best practices in reading, collecting data, and writing
  • fellow PhD students’ experience

Practical information

  • Duration: Four meetings.
    • One 8-hour day (the training day) and three days with a 2-hour session (the three intervision sessions).
    • Plus 6 hours of study preparation (including an online module).
  • Dates:
    • Training day on location: Friday, 26 November 2021 (9 am–5 pm)
    • Intervision sessions online: Friday 17 December 2021 (1 pm–3 pm), Friday 28 January 2022 (1 pm–3 pm) and Friday 18 February 2022 (1 pm–3 pm)
  • Language: English
  • Venue: Trippenhuis
  • Group size: maximum of 10 people