Training courses for scientists/scholars/researchers (not PhD candidate/not postdoc)

ABP information meeting: All about your pension!

During this meeting, you’ll find out what you need to consider when arranging your pension. Society is changing and your pension is changing with it. The age at which you are eligible to collect Dutch state and ABP pension benefits has increased, and since 2014 pension accrual under the ABP Pension Fund has been reduced. All these changes make it even more important for everyone to make the right pension choices.

Career tune-up workshop

In this workshop, you will learn to keep charge of your career, not because you are looking to leave the Academy right now, but to ensure that you enjoy your work today and in a few years’ time. The aim is to remain in control, so that you can look forward to an untroubled future.

Career vitality for over-50s

More and more over-50s and over-60s still have an active career ahead of them. Some are eager to continue working or to embark on something new. Others prefer to stick with what they’re doing or start winding down their working lives. And there are plenty who have no real plans yet. What’s important is to select a path that will maintain your vitality.

Challenging complex pressure

Do you want to learn how to deal more effectively with the complex and subtle process of improper influence by management, politics and society? Then take part in the training programme 'Challenging complex pressure'.

Influencing skills

Your ability to influence others plays a role in your everyday work. For example, you may need to gain support for a project, persuade people to take a certain decision, or get an idea across. Are you eager to get others on your side, at the right time and in a way that suits you? Then this training course is meant for you. By boosting your influence, you’ll make your point more clearly, gain confidence, and have a bigger impact.

Lean Green Belt

How can you work more efficiently, shorten output times, and improve customer satisfaction? Lean Six Sigma is an internationally acclaimed method for improving processes. You’ll learn to trace, analyse and reduce problems in processes.

Lean Yellow Belt (process management)

How can you work more efficiently, shorten output times, and improve customer satisfaction? Lean Six Sigma is an internationally acclaimed method for improving processes. You’ll learn to trace, analyse and reduce problems in processes. You’ll also develop the competences you need to head improvement projects and secure changes. You’ll lift yourself and your organisation to a higher level.

Learning to give workshops

During this two-day session, you learn the most important skills that are required for giving a professional workshop.

LinkedIn: Beyond the basics

Mapping out your road as a science professional

Finishing your PhD brings you to a unique crossroads in life. You have attained the highest level of education that the academic world has to offer.

Mastering Mindfulness – The 8-week MBSR Programme

Mindfulness is a form of attention training that focuses on recognising and breaking out of unconscious, involuntary thought patterns and responses. It is a powerful technique that reenergises the mind and body. Mindfulness helps people engage with themselves and others in a new way.

Persuasive presenting with storytelling

This course will improve your presentation skills by using storytelling as a technique. You’ll boost your self-confidence and learn to captivate and inspire your listeners without all the stress.

Professional Peer Consultation

Academic life is often complicated. How do you keep following your own ideas while balancing the conflicting demands of other relevant parties in your field (colleagues, superiors, students, funders, etc.)?

Project-driven creation

This course will teach you the basics of project management. Once you have completed it, you’ll be capable of preparing and supervising a simple project – all the way from inception, planning and execution to project conclusion and evaluation.

Respectful and effective communication

In this training course, you’ll learn to recognise and set boundaries while respecting yourself and others and without losing contact with them. You’ll learn to give your own plans room to thrive while being receptive to other people’s ideas. This provides you with very practical tools with regard to communication.

Scientific writing in English

Do you have little or no trouble reading specialist literature in English, but do you find writing your own English-language articles to be a tall order? This course offers you a step-by-step approach to improving your own article.

Self-promotion, networking and job search skills

You will learn how to present yourself successfully in the job market by honing your skills in three areas: self-promotion, networking and job-seeking.

Teamwork: Learning from one another

We’re all different. You are undoubtedly very good at certain tasks, while another person is better at others. To get the best results from your team, it’s important to know what you’re good at and where you can use some help from other team members. In this training course, you’ll learn how to talk about what you expect from other team members.

Work-life balance

You have a lot on your plate and you want to be able to juggle it all. Sometimes that means you find yourself spending more time on your work or another aspect of your life than you'd like. You're off balance. This training course will help you discover what you truly want and how to free up more time for it.