Who are we?

Meet the team at the Centre for Career & Development: Nahymja Nijhuis, Sylvia Grigoleit and Morris Beks.

Nahymja Nijhuis

I’m Nahymja Nijhuis, team leader at the Centre for Career & Development. I’m involved in policy-making related to leadership development, career issues, sustainable employability and talent development at the Academy. Whenever there are strategic training issues at an institute or across the Academy, I’m the person who gets involved on behalf of the Centre for Career & Development. You can also contact me for a coaching session or advice on training or education 

Sylvia Grigoleit

My name is Sylvia Grigoleit. I’ve been employed at the Centre for Career & Development since March 2018 and have worked here full time since July. I have a secretarial qualification and I make good use of my skills and work experience in my job. I am mainly responsible for administrative and financial operations, setting up in-company training courses and events, monitoring deadlines and placing Academy-wide job-openings. I also like to contribute ideas on how to improve our services. Helping our employees advance their careers gives me immense satisfaction. I hope I can keep doing this for a long time to come.   

Morris Beks

I’m Morris Beks and I’ve been working at the Centre for Career & Development since November 2019. My work here mainly involves activities for PhD students and postdocs and Work-to-Work Guidance. I like coming up with ideas about career development within and outside academia, and I find it energising to help someone think about the next step in their career.