Tinbergen Room

The Tinbergen Room is a large, well-appointed meeting room with a stage and forum-style table, lectern and projection screen. The AV area is separate and located above. The room is equipped with slide projectors, an overhead projector, a LCD projector, a PC, an audio system/conference equipment, a VHS video projection and a hearing loop, all included in the rental price. The room can be set up in a range of different formations: theatre with seats, desk seats or square.

No meeting room reservations in 2017

As the Trippenhuis complex is being refurbished and renovated in 2017, the meeting rooms will not be available during the entire year. We look forward to welcoming you again in 2018. 

The room was named after Academy members Jan and Niko Tinbergen. Both received a Nobel Prize: Jan Tinbergen (1903-1994) in 1969 for Economics and Niko Tinbergen (1907-1988) in 1973 for Medicine/Physiology.

Floor plans

Classroom formation 120 seats

Theatre formation 200 seats