Frequently asked questions

When will the Job Shadow Days take place?

In two periods: 25 to 29 September and 2 to 6 October 2017, when you’ll spend a morning or afternoon shadowing a colleague at another institute or at the Academy Bureau. The same colleague will spend a morning or afternoon shadowing you in the same two periods. The two of you will schedule your job shadowing sessions yourselves.

Who can participate?

Registration is open to everyone employed by one of the institutes or the Academy. Before you register, you must discuss your participation with your supervisor and have his or her approval.

A maximum of four employees may participate from each institute. If the number of registrations exceeds the maximum, your manager will decide who may participate.

How do I register? What’s the procedure?

Clicking on the registration button will take you to the registration form. We will match you with an employee at another institute or the Academy Bureau. We will try to take your preferences into account, but whether we can naturally depends on the people who have signed up. We’ll certainly do our best!

What is the registration deadline?

The final deadline is 1 September 2017. You can expect to hear whether we’ve been able to match you and, if so, with whom and where from 8 September onwards.

What’s expected of me?

  • You’re expected to discuss your participation with your supervisor in advance – after all, on two separate days your valuable time (excluding travel time) will be taken up with the Academy Job Shadow Days.
  • You’re expected to schedule the two sessions with your partner shadow in the designated period (between 25 September and 6 October) and at exact times. You’ll let us know when the two of you will be shadowing each other.
  • On the job shadow days themselves, you’re expected to host your colleague for a morning or afternoon, show him/her your workplace and department, take him/her along to a meeting, have lunch with him/her … What you do is up to you!
  • And you, in turn, are expected to spend a morning or afternoon as the guest of another Academy institute or the Bureau.
  • You’re expected to answer a number of questions about your time at the other organisation and/or write a short report for the website.

Help! I can’t write!

No problem. We’ll help you by giving you a number of questions to consider in advance, and/or we'll call you afterwards to ask you a few questions. Once we’ve talked to you, we’ll write up your story for you. Are you more visually oriented? We also welcome photographs or short videos.

What if I can’t make it after all?

The deadline for cancellation is 1 September 2017. Cancel by sending an e-mail to On 1 September, we’ll start matching people. If something comes up after that date and you can’t make it after all, let your partner shadow know as soon as possible. And let us know too ( We’ll try to match your partner shadow with someone else. To avoid problems, please be sure to register only if you’re absolutely certain that you have enough time to participate in the final weeks of September.


Any other questions? Contact Sophie van den Bergh at