International job seekers

The Academy’s research institutes serve as incubators and magnets for top Dutch and foreign researchers, with diversity and flexibility as the hallmarks of its staff. The institutes play a pivotal role in exploring important current and new subjects in consortia with other research institutions, including university research groups active in the Netherlands and abroad.

International job seekers who would like to apply for a position at one of the Academy’s research institutes need to bear in mind certain rules and regulations before moving to the Netherlands.

If your application for a position at one of the Academy’s research institutes has a positive outcome, you immediately need to start the immigration/moving process, by making sure you live up to the requirements as set by law. The Academy’s research institute personnel officer can provide you with more information, and support.

However, The Academy’s research institute does not assess nor authorise the validity of any immigration documents. Hence, it is highly recommended that you take a close look at both the online resources outlined at this page, as well as the publication A Beginner’s Guide to Dutch Academia (even before responding to a vacancy).

Learn all about academic life in the Netherlands

20180602-omslag-A beginners guide-180.jpgThe publication A Beginner’s Guide to Dutch Academia provides a clear overview of the Dutch academic landscape by providing insight into subjects such as: the structure of Dutch academia, research funding, higher education and research policy, and some useful generic information for newcomers in Dutch academia.

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More information

For more information and support please contact the personnel officer of the Academy’s Research Institute where you have applied for a position.