What does career/talent development at the Academy involve?

  • Gaining experience for the future: researchers and research support staff work with state-of-the-art facilities, from scanners to important collections. Working at the Academy therefore gives employees valuable experience that improves their job prospects – whether in research or elsewhere.
  • Enjoying your work because you are challenged to learn new things and gain new skills and competencies every day. These skills and ability help ensure that employees always find work that suits their motivation and qualities.
  • Physical and mental fitness: the ability to anticipate rapid advances in technology, absorb new forms of knowledge, and maintain a good work-life balance.
  • Active mindfulness: being mindful of your own career progress by attending workshops and courses and undergoing assessments. Although it can be tempting to put off thinking about your career, you can never start too soon. It helps to have someone on the outside take a fresh look and shine new light on your talents and skills. Continue reading
  • Being a good co-worker: challenging and helping one another where possible, making use of one another’s talents and differences, and giving one another feedback with a view to personal growth.
  • Taking time during the annual job performance review to discuss how to make healthy progress in your career. Continue reading
  • Talking to others about your career.
  • Transparency in job openings: innovation is important at the Academy, but so is career development and continuity. That is why we always advertise job openings internally. When a job opening arises at an Academy institute or the Academy Bureau, recruitment is always based on a long-term perspective.
  • A special focus on PhD students and post-docs, giving them a head start in research, teaching, government or business.