Working for the Academy means working at the very heart of science and scholarship. Most of the Academy’s employees work for one of its ten research institutes. They either conduct research themselves or assist the researchers. The Academy adheres to the employment terms set out in the Collective Agreement for Universities in the Netherlands.

Core values

These are the core values of the Academy.

  • Independence and integrity: the Academy strives for the highest degree of reliability and social authority of scientific activities.
  • Knowledge as a basis: The Academy stands for the importance of curiosity and an inquisitive and critical attitude. It values intuition, creativity, perseverance, meticulousness, knowledge, skill, insight and, where possible, wisdom as guiding principles of science.
  • Scientific leadership: leadership that is based on excellence and that understands the importance of diversity and inclusiveness for that excellence.
  • Connection to society: science is at the centre of society with an open eye for the welfare of people and the world. 

Working environment and diversity and inclusion

The Academy wishes to create an inclusive working and research climate in which everyone feels welcome, safe, challenged and supported. A working environment where attention is paid to individual quality and where development opportunities for employees are paramount. Together, we strive for an inclusive culture, in which we respect and embrace differences, based on the idea that diversity and inclusion lead to more creativity, multidisciplinary innovation and informed decision-making. This requires the use of everyone's efforts and unique qualities, as well as a strong sense of connectedness.