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The Academy’s research institutes serve as incubators and magnets for top Dutch and foreign researchers, with diversity and flexibility as the hallmarks of its staff. The institutes play a pivotal role in exploring important current and new subjects in consortia with other research institutions, including university research groups active in the Netherlands and abroad.

Internationalisation is noticeable worldwide, and that includes the Netherlands. Also when it comes to research, so within the Academy institutes too.

In most of our institutes, non-Dutch researchers are commonplace. Consequently, the official language within these institutes is often English.

New colleagues are welcome

New colleagues from abroad are welcome at the Academy. Our HR staff are happy to help them with the formalities required for their arrival in the Netherlands. Needless to say, guest researchers who come to one of our institutes can also turn to them for help.

Our HR staff can help with:

  • Applying for a residence permit (for researchers from outside the European Union)
  • Registration at the municipality in your new place of residence
  • Providing information about applying for visas, housing and insurance and sometimes taxes.

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The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences is responsible for ten national research institutes and three institutes that provide research infrastructure. These institutes play a leading role in Dutch and international research. The Academy’s research institutes serve as incubators and magnets for top Dutch and foreign researchers. The workforce is international, diverse and dynamic.

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