Health insurance and medical care

As a resident or employee in the Netherlands, you are entitled (and therefore, obliged) to take out a Dutch public healthcare insurance.

This type of insurance is called zorgverzekering or basisverzekering. The insurance provides cover for basic medical care, such as a visit to the GP, most hospital treatments and other necessary medical treatment. It is taken out on an individual basis and should be taken out for partners and children separately as well.


Even if you already have a health insurance policy in another country, you are still obliged to take out a new policy in the Netherlands. Although the health insurance system is a public one, it is not free of charge. A substantial monthly insurance premium (around €100) will be charged by the insurance company where you take out your policy. Please do not make the mistake of not getting health insurance, since it is against the law not to have health insurance. More information can be found on the website of the government of the Netherlands.