Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering

The Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering (RNTW) promotes policy for science and a research environment conducive to outstanding research in the natural sciences and engineering. It also promotes science for policy by ensuring that advances in the natural sciences and engineering are integrated into policy development. The RNTW keeps track of relevant trends, problems and opportunities in its field and makes proposals in support of the Academy’s role as an advisory body and forum for science.

The RNTW assists the Academy Board with the Academy’s advisory task by:

  • proposing topics for solicited and unsolicited advice on all aspects of scientific endeavour in its field. The Council seeks alliances with other disciplines in that context.
  • overseeing ongoing advisory processes in its field
  • encouraging policymakers and elected representatives to take the latest scientific insights into account
  • aiding in the dissemination of research results to a broader public.



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