Current advisory projects

Advisory report ‘Tracking Impact’

Increasingly, research funding depends on researcher and department performance, not only in science and scholarship but also in terms of societal and economic impact. We need good instruments to be able to measure the societal and economic impact of research. The Academy intends to study how best to track that impact.

Accessibility for research of data administered in public and semi-public record systems

Data administered by government organisations are very important to research. That is why the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has asked the Academy to investigate how easily researchers can access data held in public and semi-public record systems.

The relationship between public and private research funding

In September 2017, the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science adopted a motion put forward by the House of Representatives asking the Government to ‘investigate whether and to what extent ties between publicly financed research and enterprise reduce incentives for businesses to invest in research and development themselves.’

Vision document for Innovations without Laboratory Animals

The Academy will draw up a vision document for the transition to non-animal research in the neurosciences that offers the same or better quality. It is doing so at the request of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Food, as part of its participation in the TPI programme (Transition to Innovation without Laboratory Animals).

Integration of research and teaching at Dutch universities

The integration of research and teaching at Dutch universities is generally regarded as an asset. There are signs that such integration is putting universities under pressure, however: researchers are struggling to juggle time spent teaching and time spent doing research.