Integration of research and teaching at Dutch universities

The integration of research and teaching at Dutch universities is generally regarded as an asset. There are signs that such integration is putting universities under pressure, however: researchers are struggling to juggle time spent teaching and time spent doing research.


The Academy wishes to investigate the causes of this growing pressure, trace the consequences for the quality of research and teaching, and advise on how to preserve and, where necessary, improve the integration between research and teaching.

A focus group whose members represent the various Academy advisory councils and theYoung Academy will draft a position paper on the topic.


  • Survey the extent to which the teaching research nexus is regarded as important across all the phases of an educational programme. Are there differences between disciplines in that respect?
  • Investigate how the various disciplines integrate research and teaching.
  • Analyse how the relationship between research and teaching has changed over the past five to ten years, where problems have arisen, and what the causes and consequences are.
  • Recommend ways of retaining and, where necessary, improving the integration of research and teaching.

The study will make as much allowance as possible for differences between disciplines and between the bachelor and master phases of programmes.


The position paper was published in December 2018.