Thirteen selected facilities and three honourable mentions

Countless scientific breakthroughs depend on the availability of advanced research facilities. Such facilities tend to be expensive and take a long time to build. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences asked researchers to describe ‘dream’ facilities that they believe could produce scientific breakthroughs in the space of a decade or more. The Academy Agenda for Large-scale Research Facilities is the outcome of that process.

Dream facilities

The Academy Agenda is a collection of ‘dream facilities’ – proposals that could end up on the national or European roadmap for large-scale research facilities in a few years’ time. The Agenda therefore complements the National Roadmap of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The National Roadmap describes facilities at an advanced stage of planning, with a shorter time horizon to construction.

The Academy Agenda for Large-scale Research Facilities is meant to inspire young Dutch researchers to develop plans for research facilities operating at the forefront of knowledge, and to work together on turning those plans into actual proposals. The Agenda contains thirteen proposals for facilities that researchers would like to see up and running in around 2025 or thereafter. The selected facilities cut across the entire scientific spectrum.

The publication describes the projects in laymen’s terms.

More detailed information can be found in the white papers submitted by the applicants. You can download the white papers on this page (note: some of the white papers are in Dutch).