Christiaan Huygens Science Award

The Christiaan Huygens Science Award encourages innovative research in the disciplines in which Christiaan Huygens excelled. The award is presented in a different discipline each year. In 2021, the award will be focusing on actuarial studies and econometrics. Unfortunately the award will not be presented in 2020.

The award was established in 1998 and is presented annually to a researcher whose doctoral dissertation has made an innovative contribution to a specified discipline.

The winner receives a certificate, a bronze statuette of Christiaan Huygens, and a tax-free monetary award of EUR 10,000. The award is funded by the Christiaan Huygens Science Award Foundation and various enterprises and institutions that have an affinity for the specific discipline concerned.

The Academy appoints the jury and oversees the nomination procedure.


  • Mathematics (in particular actuarial studies and econometrics)
  • Physics
  • Space Sciences

Who is it for?

A researcher at a Dutch University who defended his or her doctoral dissertation in actuarial studies and econometrics.

Nomination and award

Nominations are not being accepted at this moment.

The Christiaan Huygens Science Award Foundation has unfortunately had to decide not to award the Christiaan Huygens Science Award this year. This is because the number of nominations having been received was particularly low - possibly due in part to the corona virus - and because holding an award ceremony in October is not possible in the current situation. 

The call for nominations for the Christiaan Huygens Science Award, in the disciplines econometrics/actuarial studies, will be reopened in the spring of 2021.