Descartes-Huygens Prize

The French and Dutch governments established the Descartes-Huygens Prize in 1995 to draw the attention of researchers as well as a broader public to Franco-Dutch relations in science and scholarship. Each year two Prize winners are selected: the Netherlands selects the French winner and France selects the Dutch winner.

The Prize, a grant of EUR 23,000, is intended to (partially) cover the costs of a French researcher’s research residence in the Netherlands or a series of working visits by a French researcher to the Netherlands, or vice versa. If so desired, other activities regarding Franco-Dutch cooperation can be performed as well.



Who is it for?

An excellent researcher working in France who has contributed to Franco-Dutch scientific and scholarly cooperation and intends to intensify and expand this cooperation. 

The French candidate:

  • is an excellent early to mid-career researcher
  • works at a French research institute
  • has contributed to Franco-Dutch scientific and scholarly cooperation and intends to intensify and expand this cooperation
  • is prepared to stay a minimum of three months – either consecutively or spread out over multiple working visits – as a visiting researcher in the Netherlands and may also develop additional activities of cooperation if so desired.
  • is prepared to inform both researchers and a broader public about the French-Dutch research project carried out with this Prize through lectures or media appearances.

Nomination and award ceremony

Every researcher at a Dutch university or research institute may nominate French candidates. Please use this nomination form (in Dutch). The nomination form (with Curriculum Vitae as attachment) can be submitted to the Academy up and until 16 August 2019 via this e-mail address:

The Academy strives for gender diversity among the candidates for this Prize. In light of this, please note that the research visit to the Netherlands does not have to be consecutively, but can be spread out over multiple working visits.

The award will be presented to both the Dutch and the French laureate in the first part of 2020 in Paris.

For information about the selection of the Dutch Descartes-Huygens Prize winner, please consult the website of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.