Eureka Prize for Science Communication

NWO and the Academy have been working together since 2012 to promote public awareness of science and public access to scientific knowledge and understanding by awarding the Eureka Prize.

Starting in 2015, the Eureka Prize will be awarded biennially and consist of two cash awards of EUR 15,000 each. The prize succeeds the NWO’s Eureka Prizes and the Academy’s Van Walree Prize. The Eureka Prize was funded in part by the Van Walree Fund.


All disciplines

Who is it for

The Eureka Prize is awarded to scientists, journalists and individuals in other professions who have done an outstanding job of communicating about science with the general public. Both individuals and teams are eligible for the prize.

Relevant communication channels include:

  • Press and other publications: books, series of articles in daily/weekly/monthly news publications, brochures;
  • Multimedia productions: documentaries, single broadcasts or series, Internet sites, social media;
  • Dramatic productions, exhibitions and other events that promote public awareness of scientific research.

Candidates must work in the Netherlands and must be nominated by an organisation or person active in science, science communication or journalism.

Nomination and award

Nominations are not being accepted at this time.

The Eureka Prize awards ceremony took place on 12 June 2015 during NWO Bessensap in The Hague, an annual event that brings together science and journalism.