Artwork competition for the KNAW Early Career Award

The Academy is launching a competition to design and produce an artwork that will be presented to the winners of the KNAW Early Career Award, a group of twelve talented young scientists who are engaged in innovative research. The competition also serves to offer young artists a career boost.

The winner will receive a cash prize of € 7500. In addition, a budget has been reserved to cover the annual production of the artworks over a four-year period. The artwork can be anything from a poem, new media art, a drawing, a sculpture, and so on.


Art; artistic practice

Who is the competition intended for?

Independent artists working in the Netherlands who graduated no more than seven years previously from an institute of higher professional arts education or similar institution.

How do I compete?

Artists who wish to be considered for the prize must submit the following documents:

  • a draft design, if applicable
  • a description of the artwork
  • a budget estimate for the production of the artwork
  • the artist’s CV

The submissions deadline is 12 September 2019. The documents must be submitted by e-mail to . Please use the application form

The prize will be presented to the competition winner in early 2020 during the awards ceremony for the KNAW Early Career Awards. Approximately three months are therefore available to produce the artworks.