China Exchange Programme

The China Exchange Programme supports cooperation between Chinese and Dutch researchers by subsidising joint research projects, a summer school and exchanges of junior researchers.

The China Exchange Programme encourages cooperation and exchanges between researchers working in China and the Netherlands.

What does it cover?

The annual budget is EUR 470,000. The programme offers individual travel grants and funding for joint research projects and a summer school.



Who is it for?

Dutch universities or other publicly financed scientific research institutes in the Netherlands represented by senior researchers (Joint Research Projects and Summer Schools) or junior researchers (Individual visits). Chinese universities or research institutes residing under one of the three Chinese counterpart organisations (MoE, CAS, or CASS) represented by senior researchers (Joint Research Projects and Summer Schools) or junior researchers (Individual visits). 

Application procedure

The call for submitting applications for Joint Research Projects, Summer Schools and for Individual Visits is closed.

For more information, guidelines and application forms, see CEP webpage.


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