Evert Willem Beth

From 1946 until his death in 1964, Evert Willem Beth (born 1908) was a professor of logic and the foundations of mathematics at the University of Amsterdam. He is renowned for his semantic and deductive tableaux. His name lives on in the Beth Models and the Definition Theorem.


After Beth’s death, his widow gifted his sizeable library of scientific works to the University of Amsterdam, where it is open to the public. Beth’s extensive collection of documents is held by the National Archives in Noord-Holland (Haarlem) and is available for research purposes.


Full list of Beth's works (from J.F.Staal, “Bibliography of E.W. Beth”, 1966)


“Critiek van Vredenduin's Logica der Wiskunde”, 4 pp.


  • “Rede en Aanschouwing in de Wiskunde”, Dissertation, 120 pp.
  • “Klassieke en moderne scheikunde - Van autonome wetenschap tot onderdeel der natuurkunde”, 17 pp.
  • “Sur un theoreme concernant le principe du tiers exclu et ses applications dans la theorie de la non-contradiction”, Report, 5 pp.


“Totaliteit, causaliteit en finaliteit als principes van wetenschappelijke beschouwing”, 14 pp.


Formal Methods, An Introduction to Symbolic Logic and to the Study of Effective Operations in Arithmetic and Logic, Monograph, 170 pp.