Give to research

Anyone who takes an interest in science can express that interest by making a donation to research. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences is considered a public benefit organisation (ANBI) by the Tax and Customs Administration of the Netherlands. That means that donations made to the Academy may be tax deductible, and that the entire donation will go towards supporting science and scholarship.

Although the Dutch government funds science and scholarship, many areas of research also depend on gifts by private individuals, businesses and other organisations. Whether you’re interested in research carried out by one of the Academy’s institutes in the life sciences, social sciences or humanities or wish to support an Academy fund, your donation will be of direct benefit to science and scholarship.

The Academy’s tax status makes it especially advantageous for individuals and organisations to make donations. Would you like more information? Read about the various options and conditions in the booklet Geven aan wetenschappelijk onderzoek; de fiscale voordelen van uw gift (in Dutch; PDF).