Dennis J. Selkoe (1943), USA

Dennis J. Selkoe was awarded the Dr A.H. Heineken Prize for Medicine 2002 for his invaluable contribution to the development of the molecular study of diseases of the brain, in particular Alzheimer's disease.

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Dennis Selkoe

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Dennis Selkoe was born in New York in 1943. He obtained his Bachelor's degree at Colombia University and his Medical Master's Degree at the University of Virginia School of Medicine in 1969, and from 1975 he was attached to Harvard Medical School in Boston, where he became Professor of Neurology in 1990. In 2000 Selkoe was made 'Vincent and Stella Coates Professor of Neurologic Diseases', also at Harvard Medical School. He currently works as a neurologist in the Brigham and Women's Hospital. Selkoe enjoys an international reputation among his professional colleagues as the best researcher in the field of molecular pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease. He is a member of several editorial committees of scientific journals dealing with neurological topics, such as the Annual Review of Neuroscience and Neuron. His scientific articles in Nature, Annual Review of Cell Biology, Annual Review of Neuroscience, Cell and Neuron are highly influential. It was therefore no surprise when Selkoe appeared at number 14 in the list of the 'Best Brains of the Brain Decade', which was drawn up by Science Watch on the basis of the 200 most-cited articles on neuroscience in the ten years between 1989 and 1998. Selkoe has received a great many distinctions, including an honorary degree from Harvard University, the 'Mathilde Solowey Award in the Neurosciences' from the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (NIH), the Boerhaave medal from the University of Leiden, and the 'Pioneer Award' from the Alzheimer's Association in the United States.