Knowledge Transfer Office

The Academy’s Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) was set up to help Academy institutes and individual Academy researchers find answers to questions about knowledge transfer. The KTO helps institutes and researchers seek the expertise needed for knowledge transfer and supports them in attracting funding.

What is knowledge transfer?

In the Academy’s view, knowledge transfer involves preparing knowledge for dissemination and sharing it with others. Knowledge transfer includes using knowledge for economic purposes, but also applying research results in societal contexts.

Research outcomes in the life sciences influence health care, food safety and environmental policy. Research outcomes in the humanities and social sciences influence cultural perceptions and historical awareness and produce economic and social innovations.

Knowledge transfer can also have important advantages for research itself. By interacting with parties outside the scientific community, researchers may arrive at new insights that are meaningful for scientific progress. At the same time, institutes that have used knowledge to develop practical tools can generate new income. Although the Academy institutes will continue to prioritise outstanding basic research, a well-defined knowledge transfer policy will allow them to bridge the perceived gap between basic and applied research.


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