The Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO)

The Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO) conducts basic and strategic research on organisms, populations, ecological communities and ecosystems on land and in water.

Its researchers study how living organisms interact with one another and their environment. They examine nature in the broadest sense of the word: from the DNA of bacteria to the biodiversity of ecosystems. Such knowledge helps society avert or solve problems related to nature and the environment and take informed decisions about how to keep Earth habitable.  

What experts say about NIOO

In 2018, a committee of international experts judged NIOO to be ‘excellent’, giving it the highest possible score. The report by the NIOO Evaluation Committee can be downloaded here. (For the other documents, see the sidebar on this page.)


Visiting address

Droevendaalsesteeg 10
6708 PB Wageningen

Postal address

Postbus 50
6700 AB Wageningen
Phone: 0317 473 400

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