Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging

The Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging gives neuroscientists access to ultra-sensitive MRI scanners for basic research into brain function and brain disorders. The Spinoza Centre encourages collaboration in the Amsterdam region and offers a national infrastructure where possible.

The Spinoza Centre concentrates on the following areas of research into healthy and diseased brain function:

  • cognition (research into the function of processes such as attention, memory, planning and decision-making)
  • emotion (research into the neural basis of interactions between emotion and behaviour)
  • clinical neuroscience (research into the causes of psychiatric disorders)
  • methods and statistics (development of methods for data acquisition and statistical analysis).

The Spinoza Centre has two 3 Tesla scanners and one 7 Tesla MRI scanner. They can produce very high-resolution images of brain function, structure and metabolism. The Spinoza Centre also has laboratories for complementary techniques (EEG, TMS, tDCS) and for behavioural experiments.


Visiting address

Meibergdreef 75
1105 BK Amsterdam Zuidoost

Postal address

Meibergdreef 75
1105 BK Amsterdam Zuidoost

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