IAP: the global network of science academies

The IAP is a global network of science academies that wish to play a more significant role in their home countries and regions.

Its current strategic plan (2013-2015) identifies three overall objectives:

  • to increase the provision of high-quality, independent and evidence-based advice on critical issues of global significance to governments and society by IAP member academies working both individually and together;
  • to develop programs for scientific advisory capacity building, and for the contribution of academies to science education, science communication and other science-related issues of global or regional significance;
  • to lead efforts to forge closer collaboration among science academies and other scientific institutions.

Recent IAP statements have addressed the subjects of 'Population and Consumption' and 'Responsible Conduct in the Global Research Enterprise'. One of the IAP’s key annual activities is its Conference for Young Scientists, organised in cooperation with the World Economic Forum.


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