Closed Programmes

Indonesian Challenges Exploration Grants

The Challenges Exploration Grants allowed scientific exploration of unorthodox thinking and innovative ideas in addressing topical scientific and societal challenges in Indonesia. CEG’s were once-only subsidies.

Postdoc Projecs

The Postdoc Programme arranges postdoctoral positions for outstanding Indonesian PhDs based at Indonesian universities or research institutes. The aim of the programme was to enable Indonesian postdocs to establish themselves as members of Indonesia's scientific community. It encouraged talented young Indonesian PhDs to continue developing as researchers and to improve the environment for science in Indonesia.

Priority Programme

Priority Programmes formed the core of the Scientific Programme Indonesia – Netherlands 2005-2011. The Priority Programmes consisted of integrated, coherent sets of research activities focusing on a specific, mutually agreed research theme or problem.

East Kalimantan Programme

The Dutch-Indonesian East Kalimantan Programme has been running by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), and the Indonesian Consortium of Coastal and Marine Research.

Mobility Programme

The Mobility Programme awarded small travel grants to talented Indonesian and senior Dutch researchers in disciplines that offer the potential for successful cooperation.