About Open Science Meetings

The tradition of the Open Science Meetings (OSMs) began in 2002, when Indonesia and the Netherlands reconfirmed their long history of scientific cooperation. Seven OSMs have been organised so far by various Indonesian and Dutch institutions. Each one has been innovative and addressed topical themes of mutual interest to the two countries.

Recurring themes include synergies between differing disciplines (notably the social and natural sciences) and between science and society. Such synergies have led to interesting research partnerships in the social and natural sciences, for example in the East Kalimantan Programme and the Agriculture beyond Food Programme.

OSM 2017: Towards Resilent Society.

The eighth Open Science Meeting, entitled Towards Resilient Society, has been held from 15 to 17 May 2017 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

OSM 2014: Science and Society

January 2014, Makassar, Indonesia

OSM 2011: Rise to the Water Challenge

November 2011, Jakarta, Indonesia

OSM 2009: Science, Innovation and Valorisation

November 2009, Netherlands

OSM 2007: Towards a Sustainable World

November 2007, Bali, Indonesia

OSM 2005: Science and Society

September 2005, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

OSM 2003: Back to the Future

September 2003, Jakarta, Indonesia

OSM 2002: Scientific Programme Indonesia Netherlands

February 2002, Bandung, Indonesia