Colin Benders

Initials C.
Member of Society of Arts
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Trumpet player and band leader Colin Benders (born in 1986), alias Kyteman, conquered all the major Dutch music festivals in 2009 with his amazing Kyteman’s Hiphop Orkest. 'Authentic, unconventional and a source of inspiration,' said the Popprijs 2009 jury about his singular mix of jazz and hip hop. Benders’ debut album, The Hermit Sessions, won him an Edison Award. But success is secondary to Kyteman, who has changed tack entirely with his studio, Kytopia, an open forum for creative cross-fertilisation and unexpected musical connections.

In 2010 he received the Zilveren Harp award, intended for young artists who have already made an important contribution to Dutch popular music and have a great future ahead of them. Benders is constantly exploring new boundaries and in doing so manages to galvanise a broad spectrum of people, including many talented youngsters.