Gijs Bakker

Initials G.
Main position Edelsmid en ontwerper
Member of Society of Arts
Employed by Gijs Bakker Design
Keizersgracht 518
1017 EK Amsterdam
Personal website

Jewellery and industrial designer Gijs Bakker (born in 1942) plays a significant role in design, Dutch design in particular. As a designer and as the co-founder and organiser of such design platforms as Droog Design (1993), Chi Ha Paura (1996) and the HAN Gallery (formerly Yii) in Taiwan – where he has been creative director since 2009 – he has cleared a path for young Dutch and foreign designers. He has also affected the lives of hundreds of up-and-coming designers as a teacher and a source of inspiration. Bakker spent 25 years at the internationally renowned Design Academy Eindhoven. Towards the end of his tenure there, he was the head of the Master’s programme.

Bakker’s approach to design is a holistic one in which heart, mind and material converge. His designs bear his unique signature and many have become modern icons.

His work has been the subject of dozens of exhibitions. It can currently be seen at the Municipal Museum of The Hague, and previously at the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), the Museum of Arts and Design (New York) and the Hermitage (St Petersburg).