Wende Snijders

Initials W.W.E.
Main position Zangeres, Performer, theatermaker
Member of Society of Arts
Personal website

If there is one idea that underpins the work of singer-songwriter Wende (Wende Snijders, born in 1978), then it is her intense curiosity and talent for reinventing herself.

She graduated from the Amsterdam Theatre School in 2002 with a desire to take her repertoire of French chansons from the 1950s and 1960s on tour in her own show. She received an impressive number of awards for her work, including two Edison Music Awards (in the World Music and Jazz categories) and, in 2008, the Annie MG Schmidt Prize for her composition De Wereld Beweegt. Having spent seven years touring and successfully interpreting this repertoire, she left it all behind to write her own pop/electronic music, which she performs in clubs and popular music venues. Her most recent project, Last Resistance, combines electronic and orchestral music.

Wende always explores and pushes past the boundaries. She does this both in her solo work and in collaborative projects. She creates shows in which she uses all the elements of theatre to tell a story; she explores the tension between theatre, popular music, electronic music and classical music, how they can be combined, and how they relate to one another. In that relationship, she investigates the balance between entertainment and experimentation.

Wende combines her enormous talent and love of her craft with a seemingly inexhaustible drive to experiment. She was nominated for a Netherlands Film Festival award for her debut film performance (in a leading role) in Zürich.