Helmer Helmers

Titels Dr.
Initials H.J.
Main position Universitair Docent UvA
Chair Historische Nederlandse letterkunde
Member of Council for the Humanities
Member of The Young Academy
Employed by NIAS
Kamer 106 B
Postbus 10855
1001 EW Amsterdam
Personal website

Helmer Helmers (1977) studies the history of media and politics. He has written about English-Dutch literary relations in the seventeenth century and has established various national and international partnerships. His current research focuses on the relationship between media and diplomacy (public diplomacy) in Europe in the seventeenth century. He also headed a research project focusing on a recently discovered shipwreck near the Dutch island of Texel that generated considerable media interest. As a member of The Young Academy, Helmers wants to improve the position of the Humanities and advocate for more transparency in the allocation of research grants; he is particularly interested in the debate about ‘excellence’ and the ‘Matthew effect of accumulated advantage’, i.e. the idea that researchers who have already won a grant have a better chance of receiving another.