Leonard van der Kuijp

Titels Prof. dr.
Initials L.W.J.
Main position Hoogleraar Harvard University
Chair Tibetan and Himalayan Studies
Domain Humanities
Foreign Member of Humanities
Employed by Harvard University
Department of South Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
1 Bow Street
02138-5100 Cambridge
United States of America
tel.  +1 97 8558 3565

Leonard van der Kuijp is one of the leading experts worldwide on Tibetan history and culture and Buddhist epistemology. He uses Chinese source collections and thus connects Chinese and Western scholars. He has mastered Tibetan, Chinese, Sanskrit and Mongolian and studies Tibetan history using original and secondary sources. Van der Kuijp is the co-founder of the Buddhist Digital Resource Center, whose aim is to digitise all Tibetan and Buddhist literature and make it publicly available.