Rainer Goebel

Titels Prof. dr.
Initials R.W.
Main position Directeur Maastricht Brain Imaging Center
Disciplines Psychology
Chair Cognitieve neurowetenschap
Domain Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences and Law
Membership Member
Since 2014
Member of Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences and Law
Member of Science Committee NIN-KNAW
Employed by Universiteit Maastricht, Maastricht Brain Imaging Centre
Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Department Cognitive Neuroscience
Postbus 616
6200 MD Maastricht
tel.  043 388 4014
Personal website


Rainer Goebel, Maastricht University and the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, has conducted pioneering research in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and brain imaging. He is the developer of Brainvoyager, an fMRI data analysis software tool that allows for real-time visualisation of brain activity and of parts of the brain. Among other things, the tool enables patients suffering from depression or Parkinson’s disease to treat themselves using neurofeedback based on fMRI data from their own brains.