André Klip

Titels Prof. mr.
Initials A.H.
Main position Hoogleraar UM
Disciplines Criminal (procedural) law and criminology
  International law
  Science of law
Chair Strafrecht, strafprocesrecht en grensoverschrijdende aspecten van het strafrecht
Domain Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences and Law
Membership Member
Since 2016
Member of Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences and Law
Member of Jury of the Ammodo Science Award (Social Sciences)
Employed by Maastricht University
Faculty of Law, Vakgroep strafrecht en criminologie
Postbus 616
6200 MD Maastricht
tel.  043 388 3145
Personal website

André Klip is a leading authority in the Netherlands and Europe on international and European criminal law and criminal procedure. He has made a fundamental contribution to the study of European criminal law, an area of research that did not exist twenty years ago and is now flourishing in part thanks to his efforts.

Klip has also continued his involvement in legal practice, for example in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.