Ingrid Robeyns

Titels Prof. dr.
Initials I.A.M.
Main position Hoogleraar UU
Disciplines Philosophy
  Interdisciplinary sciences
Chair Ethiek van instituties
Domain Humanities
Membership Member
Since 2018
Member of Humanities
Employed by Universiteit Utrecht
Faculteit Geesteswetenschappen, Departement Filosofie en Religiewetenschappen
Janskerkhof 13
3512 BL Utrecht
tel.  030 253 3509
Personal website

Ingrid Robeyns’ research is positioned at the interface of analytical political philosophy, ethics, economics and gender studies. She wrote a standard work on justice and is familiar to the general public for her research on political and ethical issues, for example in relation to parental leave, elderly care, work pressure and diversity at universities, and the unfairness of top incomes. Robeyns is a former member of The Young Academy and publishes regularly in the daily newspaper Trouw.